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What is Webfish Linux?

Webfish linux is a Linux distribution aimed at servers, routers and customised workstations for experienced Linux users.

Webfish attempts ot get away from the "bloat" factor of many common distributions. Webfish does not include large amounts of binary packages, or a package manager. It is based on a small base set that provides kernel , GCC, Perl, Sed, Awk, Bash, ethernet tools etc. Basically, all that is required to run a base system and compile software but not any software itself. Not even a "telnet" command in sight. System software and services are installed from source using standard methods.

Webfish was oringinally based on the base package list from the linuxfromscratch.org project. The main reason for this is that there is no point in re-inventing the wheel and LFS have produced a nice colated list of base pacakges. Webfish, however, has evolved and is not just another LFS system. Package configurations have been modifed. Some things have been added. Webfish tries to be usable and to provide an altenative to having to compile the base system from scratch every single time whilst still maintaining the flexibility, optimisations and bloat-free nature of a stripped-down source distribution.

Users can, if they so wish, take Webfish a stage further and use my build profile to compile a webfish system completely from source. This should be fairly hassle free although you should probably experiment with the pre-compiled base's first.

Why Webfish?

If you want a small. secure, stable base on which to build you system, and you are experienced in compiling and installing software and services from source, then webfish could be what you are looking for.

Current Development


I am currently distributing the Webfish Linux base package as PIII/P4/AMD-athlon compiled binaries. Webfish was not really concieved with older hardware in mind and currently only works on the x86 architecture. Although this may change, i do not see it doing so in the near future.

Webfish must currently be installed manually. I use the tomsrtbt boot floppy to do this. It is quite easy, and the instructions are included in the base bzip file.

The sources included in this project are covered by their respective liscenses (mostly GNU/GPL) and are all official source packages with licensing information and instructions included in the package.

All scripts and code written by Webfish developers is covered by the GNU/GPL liscense. Click here to read this liscense.

What platforms does it run on and is it tested?

Webfish Linux is intended for the x86 architecture. Specifically, the packages have been compiled on an Intel P4 and are aimed at Pentium and Athlon based systems. I have personally tested Webfish Linux on a wide variety of machines.

This looks good, but can my company get commercial support and assistance?

Yes, you can. I am available for contract work invloving all aspects of Linux, mailservers, security, webservers, perl etc. etc. Please email at: webfishlinux@users.sourceforge.net

So, now i've read the page, can I download it then?

Yes you can. Webfish is kindly hosted by Sourceforge. Click here to go to the Webfish Linux project page.

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