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Hi, this is my (Rune's) webpage.

This page is the home of the Webfish Linux Project. For more information click here.

If you have downloaded Webfish Linux please drop me a mail. Do you want to help develop Webfish Linux - let me know!!

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Webfish News

15-04-2004 - Version Update - lets get something done!

I've been quite busy for a while and haven't had time to update this site, but it's about time I did so.

Webfish-2.0pre3 is now available from the project sourceforge page. Kernel source is included but you will need to compile your own kernel/modules as you see fit. Webfish has migrated to linux kernel 2.6.x, and the correct modutils is in place.

I have also completed a nalfs Webfish Workstation profile. This builds X, Samba, QT, KDE-3.2.1 and other essential bits like multimedia and cdrecording tools. For more info see the Webfish Workstation link.

I have also considered devloping a nalfs profile for various server builds but in practice I tend to like to do this by hand and as there are genrally less packages to compile than a workstation install, this is not a real issue. I think that on critical servers doing things by hand can also serve as a sanity check. If anyone else would like to produce profiles for different server types. (Webserver, mailserver, etc.) then feel free!

I also have a Webfish Linux nalfs profile to build Webfish from scratch. This is loosly based on the nalfs profile produced by the Linux From Scratch project.

I still havent produced an installer. Someone help me out here, if you want to develop one, drom me a mail!! Installation is not THAT hard though. Updated instructions are on the install page.

We've seen your page, but who are you?

I am Rune (Simon). I am the founder/initial developer for Webfish Linux.

Click the rune link in the left frame for more detail.

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