Webfish Content Engine (WCE)

What is WCE?

WCE is the perl engine that runs this site. It handles HTML content, served from a non-web accessible directory and also provides some extra tags, and functions like cookie managment to your HTML. Hit counter, form-mail and write-to-disk are also included. I'm still working on this, so things will be expanded and tidied up gradually, work pressures permitting. Dont expect this to be amazingly neat code ... yet(?!) I'ts not too bad though.

WCE is also easily extensible using perl plugins that all called using a ?plugin=myplugin.pl. The plugin is eval()'d and the result is passed back to WCE, which displays the page. Parameters are fed to the plugin via the pluginopts url parameter.

I will not list every function of WCE here (yet) , so the best way to try it out is to download it.

Functions i am planning on adding include:

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

To download WCE, click here.

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