Webfish Linux Quick Install Instructions.

To install Webfish Linux, currently you need to use a boot disk as the installer is not finished yet. I suggest Tomsrtbt for this. The only requirement for the boot disk is that it is able to access the devices/filesystems that you want to install on, it must have fdisk, tar, fsck, mkfs and bzip2.

Here we go:

  1. Write your boot disk to floppy or CD. (etc. using dd - read instructions in package)
  2. Copy the webfish-linux-base-x.xx.tar.bz2 file to an accessible location. This means on local HD, accessible network location or on a CD or other media.
  3. Boot from your boot disk, and login at the prompt.
  4. Fdisk your target drive(s) to your liking.
  5. Mkfs your target drive(s). - for example mkfs.jfs /dev/sda1
  6. Mount you drive(s) under /mnt so that /mnt = intended root partion. If you had a seperate /usr partition this would be mounted as /mnt/usr etc.
  7. Now we change directory to /mnt. If you need to copy the base image from the network, do this now and put it in /mnt.
  8. Now we use this command tar jxvf webifsh-linux-base-xxx.tar.bz2 This will leave the base system on /mnt
  9. No do this: chroot /mnt /bin/bash --login and compile and install the kernel in /usr/src/linux-xxx as usual.
  10. Whilst you are in the chroot. vi /etc/fstab to reflect your configuration.
  11. Type : exit to quit the chroot.
  12. Unmount your drives and reboot.
  13. Boot your system from a grub floppy or cd (images on the webfish sourceforge site!)
  14. Manually load your kernel like this:kernel /boot/linux-2.6.xx
  15. When you've logged in run grub-install to setup permanently. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to setup automatic booting.

No you should be able to reboot your system and boot into Webfish Linux. Login as root with no password. Have fun!

Other install methods - install from internet/network.

Sometimes it is not convienient to copy the base image onto a system, or to use a CD or nfs. To combat this, Webfish can be installed by "streaming" it straight from an ftp or http site to disk. This is done using the following process:

  1. Boot from floppy, login, and prepare drives under /mnt as usual
  2. Then (for instance) #lynx --source ftp://mydomain.net/webfish-xxxx.tar.bz2 |tar jxvf -

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