Fishwall 1

What is Fishwall 1?

Fishwall is a Perl module and script that can configure, load, refresh, flush etc. your iptables. It includes some useful single command switches for emergencies. these include:

As well as others.

Fishwall can also configure NAT/MASQUERADE for you.

You can easily add your own custom iptables configurations to the fishwall.conf file by hand as well if required.

Fishwall is easy to configure, using the built-in prompt interface, even if you have little or no knowledge of firewalling, iptables and Linux.

Where can i get it?

You can download Fishwall 1 from the Webfish Linux Sourceforge page which is located here.

Current Status

Fishwall-1 works fine but the configure interface is still a bit buggy in some more complex scenarios- in this case best write fishwall.conf by hand or use configure and then fix the conf. The whole of Fishwall could do with a re-write as OO-perl code really, this would make it easier to implement a decent configure.

Command Line Arguments



Feel free to post in the bugs section if ya like, or send me a fix ;).

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