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This is the developer page for Webfish Linux. This contains information and profiles on Webfish developers. This page, as with the rest of the site, is still expanding - check back soon!

Who Develops for webfish?

Webfish currently has two developers, they are:


Hi, I am Rune. I'm the initial(and up until now only) developer for Webfish Linux. I compiled the base set and wrote the original versions of Fishwall and Sysconfigure.

I originally had the idea for Webfish Linux because I was getting really frustrated with the poor quality and bloat of many of the bigger distributions. (SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake etc.). I wanted to build a distro that was secure, small, easy to deploy and not buggy.

Also, in recent times, the committment of these companies to the open source philosophy has been drawn into question. With this in mind, I feel, for freedoms sake as much as anything else, we should be working towards GNU/Linux distrobutions that truly come from the open source community. Debian is to be commended for this for it's outlook.

IT managers in companies often assume that because RedHat or SuSE is well known, big, comes on expensive DVD's and offer printed manuals and some half-arsed online update system, that this is most stable, secure and the way they should go. They seek security in marketing blag because it's safe, they fall victim to the sheep factor and just follow suit with everyone else. In fact, RedHat, SuSE etc is only as secure as the GNU software it is compiled from, a point companies sush as these fail to acknowledge. This means that in practice, a hand built system, that is properly configured, is almost definitely going to be more stable and secure than some generic install based on a CD. We have the freedom to build our own secure stable server and desktop platforms so as a self respecting admin and Linux consultant i cannot justify not doing so.

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